The festival is conveniently located only a few minutes from both the 200 Street and 232 Street exits off Hwy 1. Each exit has an easy to get to free shuttle service that will take you to and from the event with greater ease then trying to find parking on your own.

From the West: 

Take the 200th Street exit from Highway 1 and continue east on 88thAvenue north of the freeway. There will be signs directing you to turn left onto Walnut Grove Drive, where you will find the secondary school parking lot available with a shuttle pick-up point. If you choose to continue on your own, you will just need to drive past Walnut Grove Drive on 88thAvenue. At the bottom of the hill you will hit Glover Road, where the festival is taking place a few blocks away.

From the East:

Take the 232ndStreet exit from Highway 1 and take the roundabout exiting north onto 232ndStreet. After a bend to the left, it becomes Rawlison Crescent, and you will hit Glover Road. We suggest turning left onto Glover and following the signs to Trinity Western University where you will find parking and a shuttle pick-up location. If you choose to venture in on your own, you will take a right onto Glover Road and eventually hit the festival road closure.